SMTP Hosting

SMTP Hosting Service that is setup ready to use and expandible power if you need it. Each SMTP Hosting server has its own dedicated clean IP. Each SMTP Hosting server is custom built to strict standards with close attention to DNS settings, RDNS setting, Domain Keys and SPF records.

SMTP Hosting Service that goes to great lenghts to register your IP with the top 15 ISPs located in the US. Includes Yahoo Mail, AOL, Comcast and others. Your SMTP Hosting will enjoy better IN BOX delivery than any other provider.

Mass Mailer Mailing software is always installed one each SMTP Hosting Service plan for you ready for your to import and manager your mailing lists. Easily create your mailing campaign and all that is left is to push send.

Plan Option:

Disk Space50 gigs2-50 gig servers3-50 gig servers4-50 gig servers
# of Servers1 Server2 Servers3 Servers5 Servers
Bandwidth1 TB2 TB3 TB5 TB
CPUQuad CoreQuad CoreQuad CoreQuad Core
RAM512 MB/1GB Memory512 MB/1GB Memory512 MB/1GB Memory512 MB/1GB Memory
Sending Rate150 per hr300 per hr500 per hr700 per hr
24/7 supportyesyesyesyes
Weekly backupsyesyesyesyes
No Contractyesyesyesyes
Free Domainyesyesyesyes
Free Setupyesyesyesyes
Control Panelyesyesyesyes
Free Setupyesyesyesyes
First Month Fee$39.95$69.95$99.95$139.95
Renewal fee$20.00$40.00$60.00$100.00
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