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A Few Words About Us

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Founded in 1997, E-tools Software produces and markets software products that allow companies and individuals to capitalize on business opportunities created by the Internet revolution. E Tools Software product line includes tools, software, dedicated IP servers that help Web Sites become more efficient, while generating more income.

Our software product line's primary focus is developing and marketing Internet utilities for small to medium-sized businesses and the small office/home office (SOHO) market. The E-tools Software product line includes mainly productivity and communications software titles.

Why Us

Size might not always matter, but experience does. There is only so much anyone can learn from books and sitting in a classroom. The rest comes from real experience in the field in the real world.

  • Released the first bulk email software Mass Mailer
  • Started supplying dedicated servers 7 years ago
  • Vast experience with proper DNS and IP registration
  • Currently supplying over 600 servers
  • Offering support via email, toll free, or online chat

  • Email certainly is not dying, and it is certainly is evolving. I would speculate that the majority of those using email marketing have not given enough thought to how email might change over the next few years. It always seems that just as soon as you get something down pat, it changes and you have to learn all over again. Internet marketing is our business its all we do.

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